Reisjournalistiek Griekenland
Travel report Provence
Reisjournalistiek Spanje

I have worked as a freelance journalist and photographer, specializing in travel (tourism) since 2011. My work as a travel journalist has featured in, among others, the magazines España y más , Greece Magazine , Casa en España , Méditerranée , and Living in France .

My background as a (fashion) stylist, has given me an eye for design, style, and color that is instrumental to my work as a photographer. For the Greek cooking blog Katerina’s Kouzina , I do a big part of the food styling and photography. 

I live in the Netherlands, but lifestyle is Mediterranean. That is my favorite region, both to write about and to photograph. Greece, in particular, which is my second home, while the various cuisines are a great source of inspiration for my work.

I am an urbanite, but I need to feel close to nature too, I absolutely love good food and my musical preference is Rock from the seventies. Travel is one of my greatest loves; experiencing other cultures also gives you new perspectives of your own life and upbringing, it is something that has taught me a lot. I carry an “invisible” backpack with me, full of beautiful characteristics and habits from all the places I’ve visited. Every journey I make also makes me look at life in a new and different way.

Have you got a question for me or would you like to discuss a possible assignment? I look forward to hearing from you! Are you curious about what I’m up to? Follow me on Instagram .

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