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“Photography has nothing to do with cameras” ― Lucas Gentry


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I can translate the message that you want to convey into the right image. My specialties are travel and culinary photography, events, and companies. My background as a (fashion) stylist adds an extra dimension; I have an eye for design, style, and colour.



In a few weeks you will be able to get access to my online galleries, where you can view and order my photos. I also sell my image materials on Shutterstock.



Whether I am travelling through the jungle, the desert, or to the North Pole, when you read my story, you’ll feel as if you were there with me. A travel report for a newspaper, journal, blog, or sponsored magazine, anything is possible. The article will also include image material.

“The most important journey you will make as a travel writer is the journey of a good sentence. Without that, your close encounter with the piranhas is wasted.” ― Stanley Stewart

About me

I believe in the power of stories, with words and without. Something that can’t be put to words can be experienced in a photo, and vice versa.

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